Our Experience / About Us

At ModuleCo Healthcare we provide a full range of innovative and specialist medical buildings, delivered on time and on budget.

Since 2002 ModuleCo Healthcare have worked closely with NHS Trusts, Primary Care Trusts, Consultants, Contractors and Architects throughout the UK to successfully deliver over 100 specialist modular healthcare facilities.

Utilising modern design and building techniques our facilities are constructed and maintained to the highest permanent standard whilst the client receives all the benefits of a modular unit including speed and limited site disruption. In addition, flexible hire solutions and easy procurement through the NHS Shared Business Services framework makes our healthcare facilities more readily available for them urgent decant or pressure relief issues that most modern NHS trusts are up against.

Whether you are looking for the hire of a facility for a few months or for several years, we can supply you with any type of medical building, including operating theatres, wards, diagnostic imaging suites, critical care units, mortuaries, containment laboratories, aseptic suites and Private Patient Facilities.

Our Modular Expertise

ModuleCo Healthcare deliver exceptional levels of customer service, our dedicated and experienced team work to ensure that we supply facilities efficiently offering our clients peace of mind by taking onboard much of the project pressure and uncertainty.

Some key aspects of our modular expertise that make the transition from order to handover seamless are:

In House Design

Our experienced design team are constantly evolving with new technologies and software to ensure all our designs are modern, fully compliant and accurate for both construction and the end users.

Laser surveys are performed on most sites to enhance the design process by ensuring we have as much site detail as possible, maximising accuracy. This process also makes it more visual for NHS trusts to understand how our buildings will fit into the current site plan.

Offsite Construction & Installation

The off-site construction system adopted by ModuleCo Healthcare uses pre-engineered modular units that are transported from the factory and installed on site as fitted-out and serviced building blocks.

We take off-site construction to the next level, using volumetric construction techniques to provide complex, M&E intensive healthcare facilities.

We minimise the time spent on your site, conducting as much as 80% of construction off-site in controlled factory conditions.

Maintenance Team

For peace of mind we offer a maintained solution as an option on all of our facilities. PPM’s are carried out by our team of engineers including AHU, UCV, Medical Gases, UPS and other works associated with the modular facility. For any technical issues relating to the facility, as soon as these are reported to the maintenance department we will dispatch an engineer to deal with the fault in order to minimise disruption for the end users.

All of our maintained facilities have access to the Client Login area, where you can see all PPM’s along with engineer comments and visits. You also have visibility on all the sales tools provided such as proposals and layouts.