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A wealth of experience delivering complex modular healthcare facilities

Meeting Standards

All of our imaging, mortuary and laboratory facilities are designed to meet the requirements of the NHS HBN and HTM guidelines for the design and installation of healthcare facilities, specifically:

  • HBN06 – Facilities for Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology
  • HBN20 – Facilities Mortuary and Post-Mortem Rooms
  • HBN15 – Facilities for Pathology Services

ModuleCo Healthcare have the ability and experience to manufacturer and hire a full range of bespoke facilities a few of these are listed below along with modular considerations.


We design, manufacture and install imaging facilities including MRI, CT, X-ray and cardiac catheterisation laboratories.


Several key considerations need to be made when designing a modular building to house MRI equipment. Structurally, it must be capable of bearing the load of the imaging equipment itself which in some cases can weigh many tonnes. Technically, it must be capable of housing the control system hardware and conditioning the environment to prevent overheating of this critical equipment. Lastly, dependent on the location and external factors, the structure should be able to shield the equipment from the effects of outside radio wave interference and protect the outside world from the powerful magnetic forces generated.

We are used to working with both Trusts and the equipment suppliers to develop modular solutions that deliver imaging facilities to exactly suit the site location.

X-Ray and CAT

X-Ray and CAT scanning facilities require lead shielding to ensure safe operation and a dedicated area to house the control and image capture hardware which needs to be cooled to prevent overheating and allow maximum facility uptime.

In addition to the core imaging rooms, support facilities such as consulting, changing rooms, and waiting areas can be provided within a bespoke design to create a self-contained diagnostic imaging facility.


We provide bespoke mortuary facilities that can be specified and designed in consultation with the user to provide a solution to meet the exact needs of the commissioning trust or local authority.

We have experience in the provision of body storage areas, chilled and frozen for standard or forensic use and have provided full autopsy facilities for up 6 deceased as well as individual forensic pathology bays.


We design laboratory facilities to suit the purposes of various disciplines, ranging from pathology and phlebotomy to cyto-toxic pharmacy.

Normally fitted out to Group 1 level, items such as laminar flow benches or fume cupboards can be supplied on request.

Laboratories supplied in the past include standard pathology laboratories designed to house bench mounted automatic analysers and haematology facilities.

Larger facilities supplied include a cyto-toxic drug preparation facility, ventilated to cleanroom standards and a series of containment facilities used to safely allow the storage of highly toxic pathogens for immunology work.

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