Single Theatre Suite

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Financial Understanding

MCH’s vast expertise within healthcare financing solutions enabled us to work with Derriford Hospital’s financial and procurement teams to produce a rental that incorporated all the associated costs for the project. This included enabling works and service planning together with building control and planning permission. This was a key factor in MCH being earmarked as the preferred supplier as the project was extremely cost sensitive, since the Trust had a limited capital budget.

Complete Turnkey Package

ModuleCo Healthcare provided a complete turnkey package at Derriford Hospital, providing a fully compliant operating theatre and ancillary space. This was successfully project managed simultaneously coordinating the enabling works with controlled off-site construction which was essential in minimising the programme, meeting the strict timeframes that needed to be achieved. The scheme included the design and build of the bespoke facility, together with all associated enabling, groundworks and project related costs.


The location identified for the singe theatre introduced numerous challenges to overcome. This was as a result of the multitude of services and ground conditions within the perimeter of the new theatre. Our in-house design team used up to date BIM and laser surveys to produce specific designs that enabled us to install the facility where required ensuring all the M&E designs were in line and compliant. This was a key aspect of MCH becoming preferred bidder for this project.


The proactive and responsive attitude of the Trust’s team ensured the tight programme was achievable. Diligent organisation between both parties for the services diversions was important to ensure that the disconnection of existing services would not impact the live hospital site at critical times.

The precise planning and management of the logistics surrounding the modular installation ensured delivery with minimal disruption by taking place over a single weekend.