Enhance Core NHS Services with Private Patient Income

Utilising Modular Ward and Theatre Options

Key Benefits:


  • No capital outlay
  • Income generation within 6 months
  • Break Even Sensitivity at 50% of projected income
  • Significant financial contribution to support core services


  • Enhanced trust reputation due to quality
  • Consultant retention and attraction
  • Provision of amenity beds for the trust
  • Drives efficiency gains across the trust
  • Enhance patient experience

Income Generation

Key Private Patient Activity

Private patient activity within the trust is vital in order to hit the figures stated within this financial summary. This involves sufficient advertising driven by a dedicated Private Patient Manager. Within a Private Patient Unit scheduling is key to maximise the potential of the facility, this needs to be centred around patients, whereas within the NHS it is best practise to schedule around staff levels. But the main key driver is backing and activity within the trust.

Surgical Procedures

Many surgical procedures can be performed for a PPU, however this is directly dependant on the Trust along with their specialities and capabilities. In this case, we have based this on a Hospital within the South of the country. The surgical procedures we have included are predominantly Hip & Knee revisions along with other T&O and minor surgery. The daycase pods have been utilised when breaking down all procedures that can be carried out.

Inpatients Day cases

This is based on the potential income per night and the total occupancy of the PPU throughout the year, this figure is utilising 80% occupancy for 48 available weeks in the year.

Amenity Beds

When beds are not being used by private patients, the trust can sell the beds to NHS patients as amenity beds. This will also create more bed capacity for the Trust within the existing pool and provide more robustness in times of heavy activity, especially during the Winter months.

Revenue Costs

Ward Pay

These costs are inclusive of all Nursing wages from Ward Sister, Senior Staff Nurse and Healthcare Assistants to admin staff such as Ward Clerk and Housekeeper. This is calculated in the above table based on the 16-bed facility proposed. This cost is not directly proportional to utilisation, as Amenity Beds need to be considered.

Ward Non-pay

Costs associated with Non-Pay are moreso essentials for the day to day functioning of the ward, but also include the luxuries that are typical of a Private Patient Standard facility. These include Drugs, Dressings, Medical Gases along with Newspapers, Telecommunications/WiFi, Food and Refreshments.

Theatre Costs

The costs for the theatre includes all the procedures mentioned above, taking into consideration some may not require Theatre time. It has been calculated based on both pay and non-pay per Theatre hour (£304.70), then cross reference with the amount of time it takes per procedure.

PPU Hire Costs

This is the cost to hire the Modular Facility, considering all enabling and associated ground works along with the allowance for group 3 items.